DIVA-for-Rhino Floating License

A floating license allows Educational and Professional organizations to access DIVA licenses across a server. The pricing of floating licenses are based on the size of the organization and how many users will be accessing the software. Please provide the following information and we will contact you shortly(1-2 business days).
See our end-user license agreement, privacy policy and information about payment security for more details.

Consider our resellers if you are based in the UK: Simply Rhino , or Japan: Algorithm Design Lab .



Provide a billing contact?

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Shipping and Return Policies

All license sales and registration fee payments are final, no refunds. We strongly encourage customers to fully evaluate if DIVA-for-Rhino will perform as expected during the free 30 day trial period before purchasing a license. For other sales questions please contact sales@solemma.com.

Email: sales@solemma.com


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