Register for Solemma Symposium 2020

Registration includes full-day attendance to Solemma Symposium 2020 in Los Angeles and dinner with symposium participants. The Solemma Symposia (formerly called DIVA Day) are annual events on the use of environmental analysis tools in design practice, research and architectural education. The symposia bring together practicing architects, sustainability consultants and building science educators to share their work and learn from each other. Previous events were hosted by Cornell University (2018), the University of California Berkeley (2017), the University of Toronto (2016), the Architectural Association (2015), the University of Washington (2014), Thornton Tomasetti (2013) and MIT (2012). This year we will be hosted by the HOK Office in Los Angeles. A training day for ClimateStudio will be announced separately.

After registering, you will receive a payment confirmation e-mail and followup e-mails regarding participation.

Designing for Environmental Performance

During the 2020 Solemma Symposium we will be releasing ClimateStudio, Solemma's new flagship software. ClimateStudio is the result of an intense, yearlong collaboration between Solemma and 13 leading architecture firms, engineering firms and fa├žade manufacturers. It combines blazing speeds for annual illuminance, glare and thermal comfort distributions in daylit and artificially lit spaces with a new interface tightly integrated into the Rhino3D experience. Reporting for LEED daylight credits and other popular standards are automated through customizable reports. With ClimateStudio, quickly testing and archiving of new design ideas is easier than ever before.