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ClimateStudio is the result of Solemma's 10 years of experience developing DIVA for Rhino and an intense, year-long collaboration with 14 architecture firms, engineering firms, and fa├žade manufacturers. It combines blazing speeds for annual illuminance, glare and thermal comfort distributions in both daylit and artificially lit spaces with a new, intuitive workflow-based interface. Reporting for LEEDv4 daylight credits and other popular standards is automated through customizable reports. With ClimateStudio, quickly testing and archiving design ideas is easier than ever before.

Fast and Accurate

Built on EnergyPlus and a novel RADIANCE-based path tracing technology, ClimateStudio is the fastest and most accurate simulation software on the market. Yes, faster than cloud-based tools. And yes, more accurate than DIVA-for-Rhino. Finally, reliable results at 1000x the speed.

Easy To Use

One-click wizards and intuitive results make CS easy to use and understand. Custom settings, meanwhile, give experts full control.

Built for the Real World

CS comes with thousands of materials, constructions, and templates taken from real-world measurements and validated sources. Whether using DOE benchmarks, ASHRAE standards, or glazing products from the IGDB, ClimateStudio projects are always rooted in reality.

LEED Compliant

CS calculates sDA the right way, using dynamic shading and the latest LM-83 standards. With groundbreaking speeds and automated reporting, you can go from zero to compliance with the click of a button.

Automatic AIA 2030 Reporting

Publish energy simulation results to the AIA 2030 Design Data Exchange (DDX) portal with a click of a button.

CAD Integrated

No exports, uploads, or downloads required! CS operates directly in Rhino, giving you free-form control and instant in situ feedback, for faster design development and project delivery.

Carbon Calculator

Conduct highly integrated analysis to understand the embodied and operational carbon footprint of your project.

Renewable Energy

Simulate the performance of photovoltaics to offset energy demands or demonstrate net-zero feasibility. Include battery storage and variable electricity pricing in your analysis.

Parametric Tools

CS features fully parametric energy modeling via Grasshopper. Optimizations, sensitivity analysis, and automated model generation have never been easier.

Sun Path and Shadow Analysis

Visualize sun angles and shadows to highlight passive design opportunities and site impact.

Multizone Energy Modeling

With a fully-fledged UI, automatic adjacency detection, and interactive results, CS makes multizone energy modeling a breeze.

Dynamic Shading

Apply real-world shades and dynamic glazing products to your design. CS computes and simulates operation schedules automatically, based on LM-83 or custom schema.

Annual Glare

Assess glare from hundreds of viewing positions, for every hour of the year, all in a matter of seconds.

Spatial Thermal Comfort

Compute highly resolved annual spatial comfort maps to reveal local thermal comfort issues early in the design process.

Electric Lighting

Easily place and edit luminaires, calculate illuminance levels, create visualizations, and determine lighting power loads.

Advanced Natural Ventilation

With its advanced AirflowNetwork capabilities, CS can simulate and visualize detailed energy and mass flow through a multi-zone model. Pressure Coefficients can be auto-calculated or provided as an envelope mesh from CFD simulations.