Learning ClimateStudio

To get started using ClimateStudio we recommend that you watch some of the video tutorials on the Solemma web site. Start with the 3 minute Interface Overview and then go to any of the design analysis workflows:

To get to any of these workflows, open Rhino, search for the ClimateStudio toolbar (see below) and select a workflow. If the toolbar is not visible after you installed ClimateStudio, type “Toolbar” on the Rhino command line, find ClimateStudio and switch the toolbar on.


After selecting any of these workflows, the CS workflow panel will open up. The panel is a dockable, meaning that you can drag and drop it to become part of your Rhino workspace. You can switch between workflows via the ClimateStudio toolbar or by using the top pull-down menu in the CS workflow panel.


As a side note, if you are unfamiliar with computer aided design (CAD) software in general or Rhino in particular, you might want to also go through online training such as the Lynda tutorials for Rhino.

If you are interested in learning more about the theory underlying the different ClimateStudio workflows, some of the material provided below might be useful: