File Naming and Storage

File Naming in DIVA

You are free to name your Rhino file whatever you like, and store it wherever you like on your computer. When you run DIVA, a results folder is created which stores all of your results files. This folder is created in the same folder that your Rhino file is stored, and is given the name of your Rhino file plus ” - results”. For example, say you name your file: My House.3dm, and you keep the file in C:\Users\yourname\Documents\RhinoModels. When you run DIVA, a results file will be created in that folder called: C:\Users\kera\Documents\RhinoModels\My House - DIVA\.


Contents of the results folder that DIVA creates for each Rhino file

As part of the process of using the toolbar, a folder is created in which necessary auxiliary files are kept. These supplemental files are located in, C:\DIVA\Temp\. In this example, they would be stored in C:\DIVA\Temp\My

Important! Spaces in your file name

You will notice that in the Temp folder, the entire name of the example file is not preserved. This is because there is a SPACE in the Rhino file name. This does not affect anything EXCEPT, if you were to run DIVA on another file (anywhere on your computer) called, say, My Dogs House.3dm, the original files in the Temp folder will be overwritten causing potential problems the next time you go to run a DIVA simulation in the My House.3dm file.

If you want to avoid any potential issues, simply do not use spaces when naming your Rhino files if you are going to use DIVA.